Why Buy Waukesha Valves from Lincoln Suppliers?

If your business is all about processing food, beverages, dairy products or pharmaceuticals, you have special needs for equipment and machinery. That’s why processing companies use some of the finest equipment on the market that is made for hard work in hygienic conditions. Few parts can stand up to the demands placed upon Waukesha valves, but they do the job well and with great efficiency. Why order your parts from Lincoln Suppliers? Let’s discover several reasons why.

Monthly Specials

In addition to affordable prices for high-quality parts and equipment, we run specials each month to save you even more money. For the entire month of October, you can click this link to view our specials on Waukesha valves. Both manual and air valves are five percent off the normal prices (including free freight).

Waukesha Pump Repair Program

In addition to high-quality Waukesha valves, the company also makes exceptional positive displacement pumps. We are certified pump repair specialists and our technicians are factory trained. You will enjoy many benefits with the program including trade-up, trade-in, and remanufacturing.

30 Years

For over 30 years, Lincoln Suppliers has served their customers. Our sales staff has a great deal of experience. They can help you find exactly what you need by giving you information on our products and services.

In Stock

No one wants to experience extra downtime issues. We stock many Waukesha and other name brand parts. This ensures that you get what you need as quickly as possible.

Custom Fabrication Services

Are you thinking about upgrading your processing systems? Installations can be tricky, and when you come to Lincoln Suppliers you enjoy the advantages that come with custom welding and fabrication. Consider us your source for Waukesha valves and high-quality equipment. We will be there when you need us. For more info about our services and products, call your process equipment specialists at 1-800-622-8425 today.