Sanitary Valves

Sanitary Valves

Waukesha W60 series single seat valves are used to shut-off or divert flow in a process system.  These valves are pneumatically or manually operated and offered in a wide variety of configurations.  These valves are used to process products in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care, and chemical industries.

How can mix proof valves be used as shutoff valves?

Typically used to process product and CIP, double seat mix proof valves have two seats isolating the upper and lower parts of the pipeline when the valve’s in a closed fail-safe position. With a vent cavity between the two seats, there is a path for any leakage to travel, if the seals were to fail. Additionally, there is a drain to remove CIP solution during cleaning. Mix proof valves also include an external CIP spray to provide extra cleaning for the vent cavity while the valve is closed or open.

Why should the cut-off valve be as hard and sealed as possible?

-In order to best prevent any leaks or weakening of the seal, any shut off valve should have a strong seal that can hold back a large amount of pressure from the other side without loosing any strength or integrity.