Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting & Flanges

What are pipefittings?

-Pipefittings are metal or plastic connectors used to connect two pipes that are going in different directions or are different sizes.

How are pipefittings identified?

Measuring the thread diameter and subtracting one-quarter inch from that number can determine nominal pipe sizes.

How are pipefittings organized by male and female connectors?

– When the pipefitting is going into the other pipe it is connecting with, then that pipefitting is a male piece. If the pipefitting is going over or around the pipe is is connecting with, then that pipefitting is a female piece.

What should I consider for buying pipefittings?

-When buying pipefittings, it is important to know your size, whether it is female or male, and the intended material for the fitting. It can also help to know the typical service life so you can know when to check on it for repairs.

What is a flange?

-A flange essentially acts as the collar at the end of a pipe, providing a flat metal rim around the circumference of the pipe. It is generally used for attachment purposes.