What is a sanitary pump?

-A sanitary pump is a term for any pump that is used in the manufacturing or products consumed by humans, such as food or pharmaceuticals.

What is a positive displacement pump?

A positive displacement pump is a pump that mechanically moves a set amount of fluid in an enclosure

Can positive displacement pumps run dry?

Not many can be run dry, by piston and diaphragm displacement pumps are able to run dry for longer periods of time.

When are positive displacement pumps used?

-Positive displacement pumps are primarily used for high-viscous liquids like oils, and for liquids at high pressures.

How do you select a positive displacement pump?

Generally, you need to make sure your liquid meets the minimum pressure requirement for the pump, and determine which pump meets your liquids viscosity, pressure, and speed.

Which sanitary pumps are most common in high-purity applications?

-Kinetic pumps and positive displacement pumps are the most common in high-purity applications.