The Benefits Of Choosing VNE Fittings

At Lincoln Suppliers, one of our goals is to choose the top manufacturers for our customers in the industrial and sanitary processing industries. By specializing in this market, we are able to assess the products from a range of different companies to ensure that the fittings, pumps, valves, and processing equipment we offer is the quality that our customers require.

One of the companies we use for our fittings is VNE. VNE fittings come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and options, but they are always designed and constructed with quality, reliability, and ease of installation and use in mind.

Options to Consider

The advantage to VNE fittings is the scope of products they offer. This includes commonly used weld fittings and clamp fittings as well as different options in bevel seat, E-line, and tube OD weld fittings.

To provide a brief overview of the uses of the different options, here is a summary of each general category.

  • Tube OD Weld Fittings – Typically used only where there is no need to maintain the sanitary finishes. These fittings are classified as unpolished and come in standard fitting sizes.
  • Bevel Seat Fittings – Are used specifically where there is a need for rigidity in the system at the point of connection. They are used on both piping as well as processing equipment and provide a threaded bevel for secure installation of the fitting.
  • E-Line Fittings – Have two parts—a male, and a female fitting component. They are also designed to provide structure and rigidity in the system. They are available in polished ID and OD options.
  • Weld Fittings – Are ideal when the process equipment and piping are permanent, and a CIP (clean in place) process is used. These fittings are also available in polished OD or ID options.
  • Clamp Fittings – Ideal fittings for breakdown and assembly of parts or equipment for cleaning. They are available in several different materials and are designed to be lightweight and durable.


For more information about our selection of VNE fittings or to find out which options will be most effective and will work best with your equipment, give us a call at Lincoln Suppliers, we are always happy to help!