Why We Recommend the Universal Twin Screw Pump

At Lincoln Suppliers, we have been working closely with sanitary processing companies for decades. This experience and our knowledge of the equipment in the industry allows us to make suggestions and recommendations to help our customers when required.

In many applications, using a universal twin screw pump from Waukesha is our recommendation. Not only do these pumps come in four different size options and three pitch options, but they also offer several benefits to make them an ideal selection.

Brand Name

Going with the Waukesha brand name in the universal twin screw pump is an obvious plus for producers and manufacturers in the food and beverage as well as the dairy industry.

The company has a long history of providing pumps which are durable, long-lasting and which have limited maintenance requirements. There are also limited repair issues that can arise with the universal twin screw pump, which makes it a solid investment for a small or large production facility.

Benefits to Consider

One of the main selling factors for our customers with the Universal TS pump is the ability to double as a CIP (clean in place) pump. With this added benefit, there is less capital investment in another pump as well as fewer pumps to maintain and repair in the system. The ability to run in either direction is also a benefit, and with both options, there is the same performance level throughout use.

This is also a pump which can be configured with a flush seal arrangement, allowing for the pump to run dry indefinitely. Adding to these benefits is the low vibration on the pump as well as the limited pulsation throughout the system. Finally, we always point out this is an ideal pump for any type of media through the system where large solids will be a factor as it has a low shear for gentle operation.

To learn more about the Universal TS pump or to place an order, call our team toll free today at 800-622-8425.