How to Select the Best Sanitary Processing Equipment Supplier

Foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals—industries that produce or manufacture products for human consumption rightfully are subject to the strictest government sanitary regulations to protect public health and safety.

A small number of equipment manufacturers are recognized for their superiority in meeting the necessary sanitary standards required for such applications. Among them: Alfa Laval, Anderson Instruments, APV, Fristam and Waukesha/SPX Corporation

But that doesn’t mean every supplier of these brands is equally up to the task.

Below are the top considerations when selecting the best sanitary processing equipment supplier to meet your application needs.

The Value of Expertise
Anyone can ring up a sale. Experts in the field can recommend the top-performing brand for your specific production process. The sanitary processing equipment supplier you choose should be fully knowledgeable in the features and capabilities of every brand to recommend the equipment that best suits your application.

The Value of Service
Look for a supplier that offers top customer service, which includes having the simplest, most effective ordering process for equipment and replacement parts. Other services—like skilled repair services and next-day delivery—are additional high-value benefits that limit downtime should you face a part or equipment failure.

The Value of Quality
Competitive pricing and high-quality customer service are merely window dressing if a sanitary processing equipment supplier doesn’t stock the right brands for your application. Look for a supplier that offers expertise in several of the top equipment manufactures so you can make an informed decision on which is right for you.

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