Where Are Sanitary Check Valves Used?

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You may have seen it in the news: A major food and beverage company recently issued a recall for 53 of its products over possible contamination with Cronobacter, bacteria that can be found in dry goods and sewer water. Reason for the recall: failure to meet commercial sterility specifications.

The FDA and USDA impose stringent regulations on the processing of products for human consumption. Among the industries requiring the greatest oversight are those involved in the production of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Sanitary check valves are used to within these processing systems to prevent contamination. Check valves rely on pressure in the line to activate open or close functions. A check valve will open as pressure increases and close as pressure drops.

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Sanitary check valves prevent backflow by allowing fluid to flow freely in one direction only. In addition to preventing potentially harmful impurities from entering the system, sanitary check valves are designed to prevent product accumulation and corrosion, which can contaminate the end product, as well.

Sanitary valves come in all shapes and sizes, enabling the rate and flow of various substances to be strictly controlled so the exact the right output is produced. Which type you select will depend on the material, pressure and performance standards for your system to comply with government and industry regulations.

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Features common among sanitary check valves:

  • Sanitary check valves are made of high-grade stainless steel with an exceptionally polished internal surface. There are no rough surfaces, internal edges or crevices where buildup or impurities can cling and degrade the metal or break off and enter the system.
  • Sanitary check valves provide an extremely tight seal to eliminate the possibility of backflow.
  • Sanitary check valves offer material composition and design that ensure low maintenance over time.

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