Reasons Food and Beverage Companies Trust APV Process Equipment

To help ensure the quality and safety of the various foods and beverages we enjoy, companies utilize specialized sanitary processing systems from trusted brands like APV process equipment. A part of the SPX FLOW brand, APV makes robust plate heat exchangers, pumps, mixers, dissolvers, valves, and homogenizers designed to adhere to strict sanitation and quality standards for food and beverage production. As a premier partner of APV process equipment, Lincoln Suppliers helps customers source the exact product or system they need for turnkey automation and process engineering solutions. To help our customers make an informed purchasing decision, here are some of the core reasons your company may opt for APV equipment.

Modular Equipment

PV equipment is designed for maximum performance and flexibility within your facility. A modular design means our food and beverage production systems can easily be customized with the exact features and equipment you need – all within a space-efficient, fluid system. APV even offers skid-mounted plug and produce systems that allow for peak flexibility, with the same levels of performance. Having these modular capabilities also helps our customers add to their system as they grow and introduce new products, along with helping them make small repairs without dismantling their entire system.




Innovation and Design Centers

Another unique advantage of APV process equipment is the ability to design your ideal system within their innovation and design centers. With 25 locations around the globe, these centers help customers develop, test, and perfect their critical manufacturing processes. These locations are designed to reduce product development time, costs, and waste by offering a test environment for optimizing and testing their exact system before installation. All APV innovation and design centers employ food technologists, product specialists, and process engineers to help you generate the best products and systems for your needs. Locations in the US include Delevan, Wisconsin; Rochester, NY; and Ocala, Florida.


Preventative Maintenance and Genuine Spare Parts

To maximize system longevity and performance, APV offers a Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement (PMSA) that provides your facilities with factory-trained, technical service representatives to perform proactive maintenance procedures and repair services. These services aim to both address any faults in the system and prevent potential failures from occurring in the future. APV also produces genuine spare parts to help ensure none of the repairs and maintenance procedures impact the system’s overall performance.




Lincoln Suppliers helps food and beverage businesses source the very best in APV process equipment to meet their production needs. Dedicated to service, selection, and installation services – our team generates custom sanitary processing equipment solutions for companies in the Upper Midwest and across the United States. As an APV premier partner, we have expert staff to help you narrow in on your final purchasing decision. Ready to get started?  Call us today at 800-622-8425, or visit our website to