How Diaphragm Pumps Work

If you ever studied the human heart in anatomy class you already know how diaphragm pumps work. Artificial hearts, in fact, are just more complex examples of the diaphragm pumps used in industrial settings.

Murzan Pumps

The Murzan is an example of a diaphragm pump. Its stainless steel construction is USDA, FDA, 3A approved and has the ability to handle viscous and delicate procusts.


How Diaphragm Pumps Work

Two flexible diaphragms, connected by a center rod, operate in unison to create continuous pumping action. Compressed air is alternately applied to the back of each diaphragm, creating positive or negative pressure in the corresponding chamber.

Reciprocating back and forth draws in fluid to one chamber while expelling fluid from the other. As one diaphragm moves outward from the chamber, it lowers pressure and fluid rushes in. At the same time the other diaphragm pushes inward, increasing pressure so fluid flows out of its chamber.

The process repeats as long as compressed air is supplied to the pump to activate the diaphragms. One-way check valves ensure that fluids flow only in one direction through the chamber. Chamber size and air pressure determine suction and discharge rates.

An extensive number of construction materials are available, allowing diaphragm pumps to handle any fluid—from potable water and volatile solvents to sludge. That versatility means they are used in virtually every industry requiring fluid transfer.

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