Considering Your Requirements for Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

One of the big advantages our customers have is our expertise in equipment for the sanitary processing industries. This includes food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and the dairy industry. This expertise and experience, as well as our partnerships with the top manufacturers of parts and components, allows us to provide top levels of customer service and support for new and existing customers.

A common concern for many customers is ensuring they are getting the ideal component for their current processing and manufacturing requirements. This includes choosing the right option in scraped surface heat exchangers for a variety of different types of fluids, semi-solids, and slurries.

Getting the Right Exchanger

Scraped surface heat exchangers are ideal for thicker and more viscous liquids or semi-solids as they move the media in the system away from the sides of the heat exchanger. This not only provides uniform heat exchange, but it also increases efficiency.

As the surface area is important for heating and cooling, choosing the right option in size and design of scraped surface heat exchangers is going to be critical. The system has to be able to create the desired temperature change given the flow rate and movement of the media through the system. It is not practical, from a production point of view, to have to slow down the flow to allow for heat exchange; it is more practical to increase the surface area.

Durability of the Media

The media in the system must be carefully considered. The blades or scraping system must be designed to prevent the breakdown of the structure of the media, particularly in products that have to retain a specific, uniform size of solids.

For most sanitary processes, the exchangers we offer use plastic blades to provide a gentle, non-damaging movement of the material in the exchanger. This is also a good option to prevent interior damage in the system as the plastic contact with the metal surface will not result in any scratching.

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