The Advantages Of SPXFLOW Shut Off & Divert Valves

At Lincoln Suppliers, we are often asked to recommend specific products for our customers in the sanitary and industrial processing industries. While some parts and components are very specific to one application or one industry, others are universal in their application and use.

One of the components that we discuss when asked for a top shut off and divert valve recommendation is the Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Model W60/W90/W90 Series.


Waukesha valves are ideal for completely stopping or diverting flow in any process system. You will find these valves in use all types of beverage production from beer and wine to liquid sugar and glucose.

They are also used in food production, for dairy processing, in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and beauty products, as well as in chemical processing plants and systems.

Features to Consider

Each shut-off and divert valve is rated for different applications. At Lincoln Suppliers, our staff is able to assist you in finding the right model based on your requirements.

Additional features that make Waukesha valves a good choice when it comes to sanitary and industrial processing include:

  • Control Top Options – the transparent control top on the valve makes it easy to see the electrical components through the top of the valve. There is also a stainless steel option for harsher installation locations and a control top with a clear LED display for easy visibility
  • Multiple Connectors & Interface Options – it is possible to choose from different interfaces and different connector options to ensure the valve matches your system needs.
  • Easy Installation – these valves are designed to be very easy to install and maintain.
  • Replacement Parts – all of the valves and control tops with the Waukesha Cherry-Burrel line are industry standards, which means replacement parts are easy to find, reducing any downtime should the valve need repair.
    Talk to the experts at Lincoln Suppliers if you are considering replacing a valve or installing a new system. We can discuss your valve options and provide specific information on which model and options would be best suited to your processing needs.