The Cost-Effective Ampco Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

At Lincoln Suppliers, Inc., we offer our customers a variety of sanitary centrifugal pumps from which to choose. We have in stock the latest high-quality models by many different top-notch companies. The pumps come in different sizes and configurations to address the diverse requirements of certain applications. One of them that our staff often recommends is the sanitary centrifugal pump line by Ampco.

About Ampco

The story of Ampco Pumps dates back to 1914 with the launching of the American Metal Products Company. In 1948, the company created a division to focus on the production of pumps. The Pump Division began to produce high-quality industrial centrifugal pumps. Initially, the market was those who required pumps capable of handling a salt water environment.

The division became a separate entity before falling under new ownership in 1995. As Ampco Pumps, it began to diversify its product offering. In particular, they expanded into the burgeoning market of sanitary pumps. The result was increasing growth and, eventually the creation of a new complementary division – Ampco Applied Products.

Why Choose Ampco Pumps?

Today, Ampco positive displacement and sanitary centrifugal pump are renowned globally. Those who opt for them describe them as:

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Making processing smoothly effortless
  • Versatile in their industrial applications, e.g., beverage, dairy, food, pharmaceutical

One of the reasons our customers like Ampco sanitary centrifugal pumps, in particular, is the quality of interchangeability. This includes Ampco AC and AC+ with other C-Series pumps. Models are also interchangeable with brand competitors.

Distributor of Ampco Sanitary Centrifugal Pump Products and More

At Lincoln Suppliers, Inc., we are a leading provider of pumps and sanitary systems to many industrial enterprises that focus on the production of beverage, bio-medical products, food, and pharmaceuticals. We want all of our partners to be successful. Our staff will help by making sure your company starts with the right equipment including your choice of positive displacement or sanitary centrifugal pump.