Benefits of the Fristam Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

With five decades of experience, Lincoln Suppliers is one of the most trusted names in quality processing equipment. We can deliver some of the finest positive displacement and centrifugal pumps on the market today. If you need the best centrifugal pumps, the Fristam sanitary centrifugal pump has much to offer. Here are some good reasons to choose Fristam products for your business.

Rich History

The history of Fristam goes back to the mid-Nineteenth Century. They started out manufacturing dairy industry equipment and made their first stainless steel pump more than eighty years ago. The company prides itself on the principles of innovation, quality, and flexibility.

The Top Manufacturers

Fristam is a trusted name in stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump applications. In fact, the company name is synonymous with high-quality pumps. Some of the largest companies in the food and beverage manufacturing industry use Fristam pumps. They are a respected manufacturer worldwide- like all of the brands we carry at Lincoln Suppliers.

Serving Many Needs

Some operations require positive displacement pumps. They are highly efficient and effective for moving viscous liquids, and they give you an even flow throughout a system. However, the sanitary centrifugal pump provides many important benefits too:

  • Simple design
  • Low maintenance for better operation efficiency
  • Quieter than positive displacement pumps

Choosing the Right Supplier

High-quality Fristam pumps are only one equipment choice you can make in the processing business. When you come to Lincoln Suppliers, you have a wide range of products and parts selections from which to choose. Each brand is known for quality, and you have professional assistance in choosing the best pumps and equipment for your business. We are process equipment specialists, serving customers since 1973. Call us today at 1-800-622-8425 to check out the many things we can do for you.