Sani-Matic Plant Processing Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry

It is vital that processing services in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries are completed with hygienic considerations as top priority. Sani-Matic is a company that delivers a wide range of top quality solutions when it comes to maintaining sanitary standards in processing systems. They develop and manufacture automated processing cleaning machinery – everything from Clean-In-Place Systems to Clean-Out-Of-Place cabinet washers and parts washers, including the PharmaCab and SaniCab, in addition to sanitary parts that deliver a total clean solution each time.

Sani-Matic delivers high-quality sanitary cleaning results for various industries including biotech, personal care, food, beverage, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical. At Lincoln Suppliers, we are happy to provide Sani-Matic products along with other top-quality brands.

Sani-Matic Food and Beverage Systems

The cabinet washers we offer are provided with an exclusively-designed sanitary spray assembly that disperses cleaning solution in a uniform manner across the washer. High-volume process items can be cleaned quickly through our automated Sani-Matic Tunnel and Pallet Washers. This significantly lowers the cost of labor, increases safety, enhances productivity, reduces water and utility costs, reduces chemical use, and enables repeatable results.

Sani-Matic CIP Systems are engineered according to plant utility, layout, and application for efficient and effective sanitary process machinery cleaning. The Sani-Matic Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Parts Washers come with sanitary jet manifolds designed exclusively by the company. These manifolds are machined and fully welded for the removal of crevices that carry bacteria and deliver a more targeted jet flow for reliable and comprehensive cleaning results.

What if the equipment is not easily disassembled for clean-out-of-place cleaning or you cannot clean-in-place an area? The Boosted Pressure Systems provided by Sani-Matic are formulated to deliver the right amount of pressure to chemical drop stations positioned within your plant for operators to carry out comprehensive cleaning of hard-to-clean areas. Regardless of your specific requirements, we are here to work with you to help you find the processing equipment solution you need.

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