Upgrading To Saint Gobain Hoses

At Lincoln Suppliers, we work with sanitary processing companies of all sizes. We also work with startup companies installing all new systems and established companies that are upgrading their current systems to include new, more advanced products and technologies.

For new systems or for system upgrades in current sanitary processing facilities, the choice of Saint Gobain hoses is one we highly recommend. Saint Gobain specializes in performance plastics and builds them into hoses and components used in aerospace, automotive, industrial, life sciences as well as food and beverage companies.

Within the Lincoln Suppliers line there are several different options in Saint Gobain hoses that are ideal for companies manufacturing any types of food, beverages, pharmaceutical and even for the handling of milk and dairy products.

Benefits and Advantages

One of the primary benefits of Saint Gobain hoses is their flexibility. By using specialized plastics and polymers, including a platinum cured silicone hose, they are able to make a hose that you can trust under a wide variety of conditions. This allows for the hoses to be bent and turned without concerns about cracking or tearing. Temperatures, either hot or cold, will not impact the flexibility or durability of the hoses, which is a critical consideration for most processing applications.

Durability is another major selling point for Saint Gobain. They are one of very few manufacturers making hoses that are specifically used for high-pressure applications. These can be used in the food and beverage industries, for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for aerospace and automotive hoses.

Our customers put these hoses through the ringer on a daily basis and love the performance that they get in return. Whether it’s transferring near freezing temperature beverages or piping hot pasteurized milk, these hoses hold up to whatever you throw at them. With a long-life cycle, these hoses are an investment in your system.

With all the selection of hoses and options, it can be difficult to determine the ideal match for any sanitary processing system. Give us a call at 800-622-8425 for help in selecting the ideal product for your needs.