Filter Assemblies From Sani-Matic

In any type of sanitary process, each component of the system has to be designed with the process in mind. Choosing a small component such as a filter may not seem like a major decision, but with a wrong choice, it is possible to create problems in the quality of your product… such as beer.

Often, with such as small part, trying to find out where the problem is in the system becomes a challenge. By choosing only quality parts from Lincoln Suppliers designed specifically for sanitary processes this challenge can be completely eliminated.

A good example of a part of a system that may not seem critical for consideration are the filter assemblies. Sani-Matic is our recommended brand as they offer strainers that have been designed with sanitary production in mind. Built for effectiveness as well as high volume processing, these are durable, long-lasting, and carefully crafted strainers that come in a range of different styles.

Options to Consider
When it comes to filter assemblies, Sani-Matic has in-line, tee-line, Y-strainers, basket strainers and their own SaniClean strainer. Different designs in strainers allow for cleaning the filter assembly in the process line rather than having to remove the strainer, saving downtime during the process.

All of the strainers are made of stainless steel. They are designed to be easily accessed and to take apart and clean, which is always a critical consideration in any sanitary process. All of the strainers are also 3-A approved for sanitary processes.

In addition to the strainers and the filter assemblies Sani-Matic makes, they also sell mesh overlays and wedge wire elements that can be used with the strainers to create the ability to trap particulate matter of different sizes. The correct matching of the insert and the strainer can be a challenge, and our experts are here to help you get the correct combination for your process.