The Basic Brewery Uses For Waukesha Pumps

While many sanitary processing systems have the same basic requirements, this is not always the case across all industries. One of the types of processing options that requires a more careful choice of each component in the system is the art of craft beer making.

Brewing on a large or small scale requires a lot of precision. This is why many of our customers with years of brewing experience turn to Waukesha pumps. The company manufacturers both centrifugal as well as positive displacement (PD) pumps, with both having applications in the brewing and sanitary processing industries.

In general, the centrifugal pump tends to spin at a high rate of speed. This causes the energy produced in the spin to transfer to the liquid resulting in both velocity and pressure. The positive displacement pump offers more controlled movement of the fluid through the system.

Centrifugal Pumps

Waukesha pumps are front and center when it comes to centrifugal pumps. Waukesha makes a variety of these pumps to accommodate for a different size, features, and options.

These are ideal for moving liquid that is free from any solids. They are also optimally designed for low-pressure systems where there is the requirement for a high volume of liquid throughput.

PD Pumps

Just as with the centrifugal lines, the Waukesha PD pumps have definitely made a name for themselves. There are also different options in this design with the rotary Waukesha pumps the most commonly used in the production of beer. These are ideal for heavier liquids or liquids with solids. These pumps can also be self-priming, which may be an important consideration.

Both types of pumps are created with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. For more information or to discuss your needs, talk to the pump experts at Lincoln Suppliers.