What to Look for In Positive Displacement Pump Suppliers

At Lincoln Suppliers, we believe that our customers and clients should have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of different pumps and components from the leading pump manufacturers who specialize in sanitary processing equipment.

We also believe that customer service and support are a central part of our job. We not only in provide insightful information about the pumps, parts, and supplies, but we also offer a full range of parts, services, and repairs.

There is a difference between positive displacement pump suppliers. By spending the time to carefully select our inventory and by providing best possible customer service possible, we have created a completely different experience for our customers.

Unlike most of our competitors:

1) We Have Industry Experience

Unlike some of the other positive displacement pump suppliers, we specialize in sanitary and industrial processing equipment. We specifically focus on the pharmaceutical, dairy, and food & beverage industries. This specialization allows us to carry a well-stocked, in-house inventory of both common parts and parts that are very hard to find. We also carry components for systems—regardless if they are new or a little outdated.

2) We Offer a Wide Selection of Top Brand-Name Products

Many positive displacement pump suppliers only sell one or two pumps/parts brands. Instead, at Lincoln Suppliers, we maintain an inventory of Sanimatic, Stahman, Waukesha, SPX, Fristam and Anderson Instruments—which are the top manufacturers in the industry.

Other than our well-stocked inventory, we also provide the following services: repair, engineering, and fabrication. Our complete approach of offering everything our customers need makes it both simple and easy to choose Lincoln Suppliers as your supplier and service provider for all of your sanitary and industrial processing equipment.