Murzan Pumps for Your Sanitary Manufacturing Plant Requirements

For a range of applications, a straightforward pump works adequately to transfer substances in one point to another. However, if the substance is more difficult to move because it has a particular type of texture, or if it must be moved without contacting previously oiled parts due to hygiene and health requirements, the situation may be more challenging. In such scenarios, Murzan pumps may provide the solution. At Lincoln Suppliers, we offer Murzan pumps for your demanding application.

Since 1983, we have advanced as a leader in the sanitary pump industry. The Murzan products we offer are designed to adhere to the stringent standards established for sanitary manufacturing plants, enabling our customers to have the best sanitary equipment for their operations and also comply with required regulations.

Adaptable and Hygienic Murzan Pumps

Major benefits offered by Murzan pumps come from their hygienic construction and adaptability. Challenging substances and ingredients that are difficult to transfer such as chopped up vegetables, viscous peanut butter, etc. can be transferred swiftly to the desired location through the operation of these pumps. Murzan pumps do not require oil to remain lubricated and they are also easy to clean.

Applications in the Bio-Medical, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Murzan pumps we offer at Lincoln Suppliers are part of an extensive range of solutions we provide for various industry sectors, including biomedical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage. The pumps we provide our durable, high quality units that function with the reliability and efficiency you need to carry out your required pumping operations successfully and consistently.

Cost-Effective Murzan Pumps

As one of the top positive displacement pump suppliers serving the Midwest region of the U.S., we not only provide you with the quality customer service you expect, but also prices on our pumps that are competitive in the industry.

If you are in the market to add cost-effective, state-of-the-art pumping equipment to your existing operations, our team is here to help you fulfill the requirements of your project for application. For more information about how we can help you with your pump requirements, call us today at 800.622.8425 or use our contact form.