Top Reasons To Buy Fristam Pumps

When it comes to pumps for any sanitary processing or industrial process, we know our customers demand quality and dependability. After all, if a pump fails, an entire system could stop working, not only resulting in lost production but also the loss of time spent cleaning systems to ensure full compliance with all necessary regulations.

One of the manufacturers we sell is Fristam. Fristam pumps have been around for over 100 years and have continued to be a family-owned and managed business. Originally founded in 1868, Fristam now focuses on the production of stainless steel pumps that offer excellent power, performance, and a longer life cycle.

In addition to Fristam pumps, the company also produces blenders and mixers. Many food, beverage, bio-pharmaceutical, and brewing companies rely extensively on their equipment. Fristam is also a company that makes their products in the United States—their manufacturing facility located in Middleton, Wisconsin.

The Advantages

The different types of Fristam Pumps including centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps offer several advantages for customers to consider. Some of the best features and benefits this brand include:

  • Selection – with a good range of pump sizes and options, it is easy to find the ideal pump for your immediate needs. Additionally, Fristam pumps are cutting edge, which means they have the ability to grow with your company and your production needs.
  • Ease of Use – these pumps are designed with Clean In Place or CIP technology, so they are easy to work with as well as to maintain. Designed to minimize maintenance requirements, the pumps are easy to mount and install and work effectively and efficiently without problems.
  • Additional Features – each of the pumps has its own features and specifications. This can include a pharmaceutical version for rigorous production requirements as well as specific features to maintain temperature control with sensitive types of production.


If you haven’t considered a Fristam Pump, contact our team at Lincoln Supplies. We can discuss the advantages of these pumps as they apply to your specific application.