Fristam Pumps Offer Superior Performance For Brewers

Different manufacturers become associated with top quality products for various types of applications. When it comes to breweries and brewers with a passion for making the best beer, Fristam pumps are the first choice in pumps and related equipment.

These quality pumps are made from stainless steel, as are the mixers and blenders that are also made by Fristam. While this is a German company, the pumps sold in the United States are made in America, utilizing top quality production facilities and three-quarters of a century of expertise in the brewery industry.

The company makes several different types of Fristam pumps for beer production. A quick review of the features of these pumps shows why they have become the gold standard for the brewing industry.

Centrifugal Pump

One of the most popular pumps for brewers is the Fristam FPR. This is a centrifugal pump that offers some distinct benefits. It is a front-loading seal design which allows this sanitary pump to be serviced in place.

Another advantage of a centrifugal pump is that maintenance staff doesn’t have to worry about using special tools to complete basic maintenance work. With the centrifugal design, there are also fewer moving parts in the pump which translate into lower maintenance and repair needs along with a longer life cycle.

There are other advantages to these Fristam pumps as well. The pump offers very gentle and consistent action for consistency in the process. It is quiet when operating while also providing the efficiency your brewing system requires.

PD Pumps

For use in green as well as bright beer transfer and sugar and syrup injection, PD pumps are the recommended option. PD or positive displacement pumps offer full CIP (Clean In Place) features as well as the reliability to last much longer than many other types of PD pumps.

There are many different models offered in the Fristam line. If you need help in finding the right pump for your brewing needs, contact our team at Lincoln Suppliers.