Fristam Pumps – Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Options

The extensive selection of pumps we offer at Lincoln Suppliers includes Fristam pumps. Fristam is a top manufacturer of exceptional sanitary design pumps in the positive displacement and centrifugal pump industry. These pumps are manufactured using top grade materials, including 316 L stainless steel.

The Fristam brand is highly respected on an international basis for the cutting-edge solutions they offer in the pump equipment industry. Their products fulfill the operational needs of numerous types of customers and are supported by the company itself which has more than seven decades of experience in the industry.

Some of the world’s leading companies operating in various industries utilize products made under the Fristam brand.

FKL Positive Displacement Pumps

The circumferential piston pumps in the Fristam FKL series have superb pumping efficiency and hygienic features. They provide discharge pressures up to 35 bar. With a split style gearbox, these pumps are also easy to maintain. They are ideally suited for the dairy, meat, food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The design of these Fristam pumps equips them for a long service life and highly dependable performance.

FL2 Series Rotary Lobe Pump

For efficient product handling, the Fristam FL2 positive displacement pump is an optimal choice. These pumps are easy to maintain and clean. They also deliver highly efficient performance.

Fristam Centrifugal Pumps

With performance and characteristics that are durable, economical, low maintenance, and universal, Fristam centrifugal pumps are the optimal choice for many applications.

Fristam FP pumps include open impellers that are highly suited for sanitary applications. The stainless steel alloying and 6 mm minimum wall thickness of these pumps provide for exceptional operation with product viscosities up to 800 cps.

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