Why We Recommend Delavan Spray Nozzles

It may seem that spray nozzles are a very basic component of any agricultural or industrial equipment and sprayer system, which may lead to the belief there are not a lot new in the options on the market.

At Lincoln Suppliers, we pride ourselves in working with the leading manufacturers in the industries we serve. This led us to carry Delavan spray nozzles and to provide our customers with some cutting-edge research and design on nozzle and nozzle tips used across a wide range of industries.

Built to Last

All Delavan spray nozzles are designed for real-world work and conditions. This means they are designed to be installed and forgotten, with extremely limited maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Some of the specialized nozzles used in the industrial sector have built-in design features to continually flush the nozzle tip, resulting in extremely low rates of nozzle clogs or spray irregularities even in the most challenging of applications and environments.

These nozzles are responsive to changes in flow rates, and they can be controlled with both automatic as well as manual options in rate controllers on the system.

Built for Versatility

All Delavan spray nozzles are designed to work with other systems, including other nozzle bodies. The tips can be easily installed, limiting the cost of replacement parts and providing superior performance in uniform and continuous spray patterns going forward.

The design of the nozzles is also important in the formation of droplet sizes based on the needs of the system or application. This can include small to coarse droplets, all with limited drift for the spray. This drift is a significant problem with many types of nozzles and tips, but it is not a concern with the Delavan products.

To find out more about these nozzles, or to place an order for speedy delivery, talk to our team at 800-622-8425.