Choosing the Right Dairy Fittings Supplier

If you are in the dairy industry, you are sure to own specialized equipment. Because dairy processing facilities produce a beverage that spoils easily, several failsafe measures need to be in place. When pump parts and processing systems are needed, it’s therefore important to work with a trusted dairy fittings supplier like Lincoln Suppliers.


When Lincoln Suppliers first began, the U.S. was in the middle of a huge oil crisis. Long lines at gas stations were commonplace. The public was still reeling from Watergate and the Vietnam War was coming to an end, finally. So much has happened since 1973… and we’ve been serving our customers through it all. There simply is no substitute for decades of experience in our line of work. Years of experience means getting the best products and services at affordable prices.


At Lincoln Suppliers, we specialize in process equipment for the dairy, food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We are a dairy fittings supplier and when you do business with us, you can count on having a wide variety of products to choose from, made specifically for your needs.

Additional Services

Not only are we a dairy fittings supplier, but we can also provide additional services such as:

  • Fabrication Services – We can help with welding and tube bending. In fact, we have our own fabrication shop.
  • Installation Services – We can install all of the products we sell.
  • Process Designing Services – Let us help design the layout of your processing facility to ensure the space is used both safely and effectively.


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