Positive Displacement Pump vs. Centrifugal Pump: What is the Difference?

Companies looking to source the very best in sanitary processing equipment look to Lincoln Suppliers. Specializing in robust sanitary pumps from brands like Waukesha, FRISTAM, and AMPCO, we help businesses source the very best equipment possible for their various application…

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Benefits of Choosing a Waukesha Pump

Utilized in the food, beverage dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and industrial processing industries, Waukesha brand pumps are built with unmatched quality and operational efficiency. Offering their positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, along with sanitary valves, Lincoln Suppliers provides you with…

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Why Choosing Waukesha Means Choosing Quality

Achieving distributor status is not easy within the SPX flow brand. In fact, Lincoln Suppliers is one of only two certified Waukesha pump distributors in Minnesota. This certification ensures that we can offer high-quality positive displacement pumps and C series…

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