Technology Behind Anderson Instrument Flow Instrumentation Items

At Lincoln Suppliers, we have seen a lot of changes in the sanitary processing industry since we first started providing parts and components for this specialized industry almost 50 years ago. Even standard items have evolved over time to be more accurate, efficient and to also offer a longer life cycle and less risk of device failure.

While every sanitary processing industry has seen advancement in technology, it is particularly evident in the craft brewery industry. Today, even small micro-breweries as using advanced flow instrumentation items, with the Anderson instrument line of flow meters and measurement devices being favored by many in the industry.

We have extensive experience with the Anderson instrument line for many of our sanitary processing customers both in and outside of the brewery industry. These flow instrumentation items are used throughout the food and life sciences industries in a wide range of production applications.

What To Consider

While the flow instrumentation items by Anderson-Negele may be very advanced, they are also designed to be very user-friendly. This extends to configuring the flowmeters and devices as well as providing intuitive control to change configurations. Even the more complex electromagnetic flow meters with backlight readout and real-time metering information that is invaluable in monitoring and evaluating the process.

All of the flow meters and instrumentation items are made of stainless steel and meet all 3-A requirements for use in sanitary processes. There is a range of different options from electromagnetic flow meters to positive displacement and turbine flow meters. Offering extreme accuracy and precision in measurement, these can be used for measuring liquids as well as slurries depending on your needs.

For everything from flow meters to instrumentation controls, Lincoln Suppliers can provide the information, support, and assistance you need to get the right product for your needs.