Conductivity Sensors from Lincoln Suppliers- Anderson Instrument Distributors

If your processing business needs to keep track of specific ingredients or chemical composition in materials, conductivity sensors are there to make your job easier. For example, a water treatment facility must monitor the quality of the water, and by checking for the presence of dissolved solids, this process is simplified. However, some methods are more complex and require precise control. This calls for more sophisticated equipment. Thankfully, Lincoln Suppliers, your Anderson Instrument distributors, has the solution. It’s called the ILM-4 and here is more about this new generation of sensors.

All in One

The design of the ILM-4 inductive sensor is modular and “all-in-one.” You can easily connect more than one line thanks to its multiple output design. You can monitor temperature without the need for additional equipment, thanks to the PT1000 sensor. You may use either single cable or dual cable connections, and it has a range from zero to two million microSiemens per centimeter. Temperature compensation can be as high as 150 degrees Celsius.

Easy Upgrades

If you are currently using an ILM-2 or ILM-3, upgrading to the new ILM-4 from your Anderson Instrument distributors is no problem because it’s compatible with the older units. The ILM-4 lets you measure conductivity for detergent water applications (clean in place processes), acid/alkali concentrations, and can be used for quality control.

Manufacturer Recommendations for Installation

The ILM-4 needs to be installed in a medium that does not allow the formation of air bubbles in the sensor. Make sure your unit is installed with the “flow” in the right direction. Be careful placing the ILM-4 near pumps or equipment that create a great deal of vibrations, as this can affect the sensor’s accuracy.

If you have any questions on the ILM-4, or any of our conductivity sensors, contact your Anderson Instrument distributors, Lincoln Suppliers, by calling 1-800-622-8425. We are here to help you choose the best equipment for your company.