Choosing Lincoln Suppliers as Your Anderson Instrument Distributor

At Lincoln Suppliers, we realize our customers have various suppliers to choose from as their Anderson Instruments distributors. However, there are also some important factors which set us apart and allow us to offer some of the best customer service and support in the sanitary and industrial processing industries.

Like other Anderson Instruments distributors, we offer a full line of these cutting-edge sensors. With our ability to work directly with the manufacturer and our high in-stock inventory of all commonly used sensors across industries, we are usually able to fill orders from stock, which means fast delivery to our customers.

We are located in the Midwest, which means we can provide fast shipping to all areas of the country. This means shipping often the same day, with next day or two-day delivery available on many of our products.

Customer Service

As one of the top Anderson Instruments distributors in the United States, we place a focus on customer service. With almost half a century in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers with challenges.

Sometimes, the current sensors and instruments in a system are not effective or not offering the life cycle and the maintenance-free operation required. Talking to our staff can help in determining options to consider and then weighing the pros and cons of trying a new model or design.

We can also provide specifics about the different sensors offered by Anderson. These can include sensors with the option to configure as necessary for your system. The modular advantage is one which is highly effective on older systems where an exact duplicate of the original sensor is no longer on the market.

To talk about your sensor needs, or to place an order, give us call today at 800-622-8425, we would be happy to help.