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Adding Walker Stainless Steel Tanks to Your System

Stainless steel products are essential for the sanitary and industrial processing industries and are an area of specialization for Walker Engineered Products. They manufacture a full line of Walker stainless steel tanks which are used in the dairy, food and beverage industries as well as for other applications and processing.

Walker produces both silo tanks as well as round and single shell storage tanks options. They can also provide custom fabrication of stainless steel tanks, tank heads, mixer vessels and processor vessels.

Lincoln Suppliers has been providing quality Walker stainless steel tanks since 1973. We offer a top selection of storage capacities with the largest standard tanks holding up to 80,000 gallons. We also stock smaller tanks in a variety of capacities to suit different processing requirements.

Important Points to Consider

The various options in Walker stainless steel tanks allow for both insulated or single shell construction. They can be designed to provide agitation in the tank, preventing sedimentation during the storage process. Additionally, the vertical tanks can be designed to have different bottoms including flat pitched, cone or dish shapes. The tanks can be supported on legs or designed with side mounted brackets for installation.

Round tanks are designed to allow for CIP processes as well as offer both refrigerated and non-refrigerated design. They meet all 3A and USDA requirements and range in size from the smaller 1000 gallon to the 20,000 gallon capacity models.

For food quality processes, these tanks are made from 304 for stainless steel. The company also provides different alloys and materials for custom requirements in processing facilities. Call the experts at Lincoln Suppliers to talk about which tank is best for your facility!