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Solutions in VNE Valves

VNE is a relatively new company that first started production in 1980 in Janesville, Wisconsin. It is part of a group of 29 companies operating in 19 countries around the globe, and these are collectively known as the Neumo Ehrenberg Group.

The Neumo Ehrenberg Group of companies focuses on the production of valves, fittings, and tubing for the food and beverage, dairy, biopharmaceutical, and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) industries. VNE valves, in particular, are used in both sanitary as well as high purity applications and processing systems.

Valves Available

At Lincoln Suppliers, we focus on the line of VNE valves for industrial and sanitary processing needs. This includes the lines of butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves, compression valves and PVE valves offered by the company. Different valves are recommended for various uses, including the check valves which can be used in systems using CIP technology.

One of the advantages of VNE valves is the multiple configurations, options, and sizes in most of these valves. For sanitary use, they are available in T316 and T304 stainless steel, with typically standard sizes and connections also readily available through standard ordering options. The valves are designated as meeting 3A Sanitary requirements, which makes them ideal for the food, beverage and dairy industries.

In addition to standard configurations, VNE is also able to offer customized valves to meet the needs of specific systems and applications. The valves are manufactured under strict quality control protocols and have a solid reputation as some of our best selling valves for sanitary process applications.