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Make Us Your Definox Valves Distributor

Definox has long been a leading international manufacturer of stainless steel valves used in the processing industries. This includes valves that are designed to meet the requirements for sanitary processes that are also high-performance valves and the meet all international standards.

The Benefit of Definox Valves

One of the key factors of the design of most Definox valves is the modularity. This allows for easy replacement of valves or integrating valves in an existing or new system with ease. These valves can be found in use around the world in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage as well as personal product production industries.

As a leading Definox valves distributor in the United States, we offer a full range of these stainless steel, sanitary process valves. We offer check, ball, butterfly and mixproof valves as well as other specialized valves that are unique to particular processing systems and production needs.

Our Commitment to Customers

As a Definox valves distributor, we can work with our customers to ensure they receive the right valve for their system and the application needs. Our team of experts in the sanitary processing industry can help to select the ideal valve to replace an existing valve or to work in a new production system design.

In addition to being a Definox valves distributor, we also offer valves from other leading national and international companies. This allows our customers to compare options, pricing, and features when choosing the right valve for the job.