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Waukesha Cherry Burrell


  • Waukesha Cherry Burrell
    Stainless Steel fittings
    Fractional Fittings / Robert James Division
    Filters & Strainers
  • Spare Parts / Stocking Inventory
Anderson Instrument Company


  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Temperature Gauges / dial and digital
  • Tank level monitoring systems
  • Authorized Repair / Service Center
  • SL Level
  • Chart Recorders
  • Spare parts


  • Siftex offers a wide range of FDA-acceptable, 3A sanitary and EU Directive 1935/2004-compliant materials and components for food processing applications.
  • Comprehensive supply of flexible connector solutions
  • Rubber tubing, sleeves, sift socks, crumb catchers and more
LC Thomsen Product Recovery Systems


  • Product Recovery Systems
  • 1 1/2” to 4” PIG product recovery systems
  • Magnet option for tracking
  • Air operated
  • Recovers product otherwise lost
  • Pays for itself in recovered product
Sanitary Couplers


  • Sanitary Flexible Hose assemblies 3A, USDA rated
  • Large stocking Inventory
  • Service repair shop
  • Same day order shipping
Hydro Thermal


  • Sanitary Solaris Direct Steam Injection Heater
  • High velocity steam injection ensures homogeneous heating generally without additional mixing
  • Constant steam pressure and velocity eliminate plugging and fouling
  • Precise temperature control, within 1/2°F, optimizes product quality and characteristics
  • Near instantaneous heating for minimal start-up delay and reduced cycle times
  • Straight-through flow design sized to match tubing sizes
  • Compact design simplifies installation
  • Viscosities up to 40,000 cP
  • 5:1 Turndown ratio

Sanitary Pressure Gauges and Other High Quality Sanitary Products

In the food, bio-medical, or pharmaceutical industries it is extremely important that liquids for human consumption are processed in suitably hygienic conditions. We offer a selection of sanitary pressure gauge products that are designed for safe use around foodstuffs, medication, and related substances so our customers can meet their production-related health and safety obligations.

Have You Considered an Anderson Pressure Gauge?

Anderson pressure gauges are the component of choice for many successful companies throughout the country, as they are well-known for their ability to cope with challenging conditions without failing or compromising performance. Like other products that we sell, Anderson gauges provide consistently good results and are exceptionally durable.

Sanitary Pressure Gauges with Next-Day Delivery

With over forty years in the business, we know that prompt delivery and competitive pricing is essential to customers. We provide next-day delivery on nearly all our products and offer a range of payment methods… including a FREE quotation.? By using our extensive electronic inventory system, we can quickly check to see if we have the right part or fitting you need.


At Lincoln Suppliers, we aim to give every customer a winning combination of cost-effective, high-caliber products, and exceptional customer service. If you want to work with an established company that has an excellent understanding of your sector’s requirements and constraints, we can help. To find out more, call us today at (800) 622-8425.