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Precise System Control with Sanitary Ball Valves

For quick, easy and efficient control of media through a system, a ball valve is an ideal choice. The basic operation of the ball valve is a quarter turn valve which allows an external handle or lever to move a ball in the valve to the open or closed position.

The Basics of the Ball Valve

The interior ball, a spherical disc, has a port through the center. As the lever is turned, the disc moves in relation to the intake port of the valve, allowing the flow of the media through the valve. As the lever is closed, the reverse happens, completely shutting off the flow.

All sanitary ball valves operate on this same principle. They are designed with approved coatings or material on the wetted interior surfaces of the valve, which eliminates any concern with corrosion or buildup of material in the valve to impede the operation.

The installation of quality sanitary ball valves in any system will allow years of operation without any special maintenance requirements. All of the sanitary ball valves we offer at Lincoln Suppliers are designed by top manufacturers in the industry and meet or exceed USDA and 3A requirements for use in sanitary systems. Most of our valves are made from 316 stainless steel and are fully compatible with a range of different sized pipes and tubing.

While often used as a manual valve, it is possible to use ball valves with automated system as well. Let us know, and we can help in finding the right size, pressure rating and valve for your specific requirements.