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The Benefits of a Universal Twin Screw Pump

In the sanitary processing industry, a Universal twin screw pump is a top option for many different applications. These pumps, as the name implies, operate using precision crafted screws which interlock but do not make direct contact with each other.

The twin screws are encased within a pump housing and are typically easy to mount without the need for additional equipment or the use of gear reducers. The use of a Universal twin screw pump allows for flow through the pump in either direction. They can also double as CIP (Clean in Place) pumps, which eliminates the need for an additional pump for the system.

There are also different options in screw pitches to allow for customization of the pump for use with different media. This includes a wide, medium and narrow

Low Pulsation

With the use of a Universal twin screw pump, there is very limited pulsation. With the correct size of pump as well as the correct screw pitch in place, pulsation can be virtually eliminated in any sanitary process.

In addition to eliminating pulsation, they are also ideal for larger solids in the media. This is essential in many dairy and food processing systems where a low shear is required to provide a consistent product.

Run Dry

Through the use of a flushed seal configuration, these pumps are able to run dry without any damage to the pump or components. They can run dry indefinitely, which is an important consideration for many applications. Talk to the experts at Lincoln Suppliers for information on all the options in twin screw pumps. There are different features and configurations possible, allowing this equipment to be fully customized for a diverse range of specific processing needs.