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Upgrading to Fristam Powder Blending

For food and beverage production, blending of powdered ingredients is a critical factor. Key features of these blenders will include large capacity, consistency of blending ability and consistency between batches.

At Lincoln Suppliers, we provide the best equipment from a range of industry leading manufacturers, like Fristam, for the sanitary and industrial processing industries. Our line of Fristam powder blending equipment provides the control needed for powerful, consistent blending of dry ingredients including sugar, cornstarch, cocoa and even hops in the brewery industry.

This equipment is designed to be compact, and even large-scale blending requirements can be easily managed by this equipment. Additionally, the design of the grinding capacity is able to substantially reduce processing times without sacrificing quality control and precise grinding to the degree required.

Advantages to Consider When Switching to Fristam Powder Blending

Not only is Fristam powder blending equipment designed to meet or exceed all industry standards, but it is also equipment known for a long-life cycle and very limited maintenance requirements.

All Fristam powder blending equipment is designed to be practical to use, so there is no need to climb ladders to check on the system or to make adjustments. It is also CIP (clean in place) which makes this an asset to any type of blending requirements.

Talk to the experts at Lincoln Suppliers for information on all the options in Fristam power blenders. There are different features and configurations possible, allowing this equipment to be fully customized for a diverse range of specific processing needs.