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A Closer Look at The Gaulin Homogenizer

Used in the food and beverage industry, as well as in the dairy processing industry, the Gaulin homogenizer can also be found used in petroleum manufacturing, in pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as in chemical processing plants. The versatility of this equipment makes it a top addition to any sanitary processing requirement.

In the sanitary processing industry, as well as in many other applications, the role of the Gaulin homogenizer is to mix or blend fat or oil into a water base. This allows for homogenization of two compounds, the fat and the water-based liquid, into one consistent solution which does not separate.

Efficient and Effective

The Gaulin homogenizer comes in several different models, but all operate using the same general technology. It uses high pressure and a multi-piston pump which is designed to force the specific media or product through a variable sized orifice. This process, including the size of the orifice, is set to ensure the fat or oil is broken down into a suitably small size. The small size of the globules makes it easier and more efficient to mix the fat into the solution, resulting in limited or very delayed separation of the two, even over time.

These are larger components in any system and are particularly important for dairy processing and the processing of other types of foods and pharmaceutical products. With a solid reputation of over a century in the business, these homogenizers are dependable, reliable and provide high volume processing with a range of configuration options. Talk to the experts at Lincoln Suppliers to choose the best fit for your business!